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Hammam Steam

Hammam Steam

The hammam is the area where health and well-being come together.


In the refined and authentic atmosphere of this area, the 45° temperature calls for profound relaxation. The heat and the direct injection of steam create the conditions to eliminate the impurities of the skin by enlarging the pores, relaxing muscular tension and freeing the respiratory tracts.

40°C – 45°C / 100%

Eco Nordic Spa will enhance this moment of serenity with its tailor-made creations. A sophisticated system involving continuous air circulation will guarantee the perfect balance between the emission of steam according to the temperature. The structure is made of panels ready-to-tile: they ensure the solidity and the water-tightness of the cabin and reduce installation time.


The ideal ritual of beauty, relaxation and health since Ottoman tradition. There is less of a steam injection than in a steam bath: the floors, walls and benches are heated and it is their contact with the water from the basins and fountains that helps reach the basic hygrometry level. This is then completed and regulated using the steam generation technique. Thanks to its humidity level of under 80%, this body healing and exfoliation ritual can last up to 45 minutes

45°C – 50°C / 40% – 80%

The shower experience is the fun place of the Spa. It has been designed to bring to life a unique sensory moment where all the senses fall in love with selected screenplays. A ceiling light diffuses water in several forms, at the user’s choice, in large drops, in misting or rain. Lateral nozzles throw water down the body. From 2 to 4 more or less sophisticated programs with a duration of approximately 2 minutes allow to accompany this intense moment accompanied by a fragrance, a musical theme and an adapted play of light.

A scenario invites to the discovery of a universe with tropical scents, on a background of birdsong in a colorful atmosphere where the big hot drops alternate with a temperate misting. Another will explore the world of the Atlantic Ocean, where all the senses will be solicited differently.

Eco Nordic Spa t delivers shower experience with standard or customized programs, if you want to stand out. Fragrances, like other elements, can be chosen according to your wishes.

The structure of the shower experience can be realized by us in the most original forms: in snail, circular, and even in the form of straight or rounded tunnel, between 3 and 7 m long. In this case, the shower is transformed into an experiment tunnel or a rain mist corridor, in which the client will discover the aquatic animations as he progresses along the corridor.

The technical part, composed of a hydraulic panel with a system of solenoid valves, is conceived, realized and installed by us, in a local or closet technique nearby.


The ice fountain, or ice fountain, is an inseparable equipment of quality spas. It is usually placed in the center of the spa because of its ornamental quality. The ice flakes are made by a machine (placed invisibly or dressed in the ceiling) and distributed in the basin or another stainless steel tray, or made and decorated by the customer in the material of his choice.

Very decorative and accepting all the customizations, the ice fountain deserves its place in areas with strong passage. After a session in a warm space, the user takes the ice with his hands and massages the body with his thin glitter to create the hot-cold contrast recommended in the Kneipp course. In addition to the playful aspect undeniable this experience, the contrasting action of the thin ice on the body has an invigorating and invigorating effect. In a sensory space, the ice fountain is the ideal complement after a steam bath or sauna.

Eco Nordic Spa has mastered the technique of this particular fountain for over 12 years and offers original and personalized installations, scripted by light effects. A probe constantly detects the ice level to keep it constant by creating the aesthetics of a well-proportioned ice pyramid within the receiver. The technical part can be installed in a false ceiling or in height behind a partition, according

to the constraints of the place. Our Spa design office takes care of the realization of the plans and the technical recommendations for each project.


The negative ions of the salt improve the quality of the air and have a positive effect in freeing the respiratory tracts. Salt floor and back-lit walls, fountain, spraying of a saline solution… Numerous options are available to create a specific room for regeneration or to enrich another area such as for example the sauna.

40°C / 60%