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Sauna doors

Sauna Doors

Sauna doors are manufactured following all the safety requirements and customers’ expectations. Doors include thermally toughened glasses that are five times stronger than ordinary glass. In order to avoid bending of the jambs due to fluctuation of temperature, the jambs are made of knot-free glue laminated tree. Range includes clear, bronze, grey as well as matte glasses and we offer also solutions with different designs. All the doors can be made for right-hand and left-hand use. Wide range of ‘ sauna doors provide a suitable solution for any interior.

Door types:

Scan class sauna door – roll-lock, 2 normal hinges, wooden knob for handle, no threshold

Modern class sauna door – magnetic lock, 2 Profi hinges, wooden square bar for handle, air gap in glass

Lux class sauna door – magnetic lock, 2 Lux hinges, wood-metal or wood-wood bar for handle, no threshold

All types have same standard sizes:
width 700-900mm
height 1900-2100mm

Glass: 8mm tempered glass
Glass shades: clear, grey, bronze, matted versions