About us

About us


You are seeking to create a spa in a public or private location and are seeking a reliable and innovative partner to see through your project.


Eco Nordic Spa OU  will help you through these steps, from the design to the production, with a global vision and concrete advantages:


  • 3 departments – consulting, production and equipment
  • Global or à la carte solutions according to your needs
  • An exclusive technical team specialised in Spas
  • More than 15 years experience in the field
  • References of collective and private spas all around the world


Our collaboration with renowned architects and the numerous projects set up in Estonia, France and abroad have reinforced our individuality and our goal: to design and set up unique sensory areas.


                    LIVE THE REAL NATURE WITH  WOOD


Eco Nordic Spa offers you a wide range of quality wood and you facilitate to build or decorated your saunas, spa, houses, offices etc. Also gives you much more choices for fresh and modern looking design.